Super Rugby Pacific | McCann witnesses home game against Moana

Shane McCann, second from right, with friends at the Churchill Park in Lautoka. Picture: MELI LADDPETER

From the stories he had been hearing about the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua home games, Shane McCann made sure to attend the Drua’s second last home game in Lautoka.

McCann, who is an American citizen working at the Mana Island Resort, attended the Drua and Moana Pacifika clash at the Churchill Park with two other friends from the United States.

“This is actually my first time to come and watch a Drua game after being told by friend that they would be playing here in Lautoka,” he said.

McCann also gave four tickets to four other Drua fans who he had met at Churchill Park.

“I met three kids when I reached the stadium so I decided to buy their tickets so they could watch the game as well.

“I have been hearing so much about the Fijian Drua that I couldn’t miss it. And with this being my first Drua match, I’m very excited to be here today.”

He also mentioned that even though he had never been a big fan of rugby, he made sure to witness the Drua home game in Lautoka.

“All I can say that this will not be my last Drua game, I’ll probably go and watch their next home game in Suva.”

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